Tai Yi Sheng Shui Ancient One
Previously one of the ten greatest Kings of martial arts, Gu Fei Yang somehow died near the mountain of Tian Dang. Fifteen years later, Gu Fei Yang was back, but he was in Li Yun Xiao’s body. Since then, Li Yun Xiao started a treacherous journey. Nine stages, ten Sage realms! The world is in turmoil once more!
GhostyZX Harem Of Thrones
A college student is reborn to a fantasy world that is fused with Magic and Cultivation. Myths, Legends, and Mythical Creatures all exist in the world of Zareth. Clans and Kingdoms filled with Harem Lords roam these lands which are inhabited by the most radiant Maidens and Goddesses of all races. But this world is a brutal and unforgiving one, in which only the strong thrive. Dragons, Spirit Beasts...
Mr. Moda Psychic Tattoo
Description Psychic Tattoo is about a Yin and Yang Tattoo that can bring you fame, fortune and safety. The psychic tattoo is no ordinary tattoo, as it has special properties! The successor of those who can make the psychic tattoo can help people avoid evil things and acquire fortune and safety by simply giving the individual this tattoo. It would be a good way to earn money if he did this in the city, but his master told him to never earn money with this skill before his deathbed, otherwise he would find himself in great trouble sooner or later. He tends to follow his master’s advice, but finds himself in need of money. When the girl in the massage parlor asks him to give her a psychic tattoo, he decides to go against his master’s advice. From then on, he begins to face challenges one after another. 阴阳刺青师
cash Apocalyptic World
When a virus of another dimension invades Earth and transforms humans into zombie, chaos ensues. Watch as our MC rises from his life to overcome all adversities and conquer all in his path.
j0sejalap3n0 The Crossroads
Meet Pete, he suddenly finds himself in a black void for no reason whatsoever, but for some strange reason there is a screen asking him to start the tutorial. For what? He has no idea, but he doesn't really care at this point in his life. Follow along in his story as he travels to The Crossroads, a fantastical place that has every fictional being present, from goons and fodder in videogames, all...