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Chapter 651: Update 33

Qi Yusen went up on stage and took over the arrows and the bow.

He placed the arrow on the bow and casually shot it. He hit the center.

He took out a second arrow and once again received a perfect score.

Then, he shot out his third, fourth, and fifth arrows. He scored 10 for all!

Another perfect shooter!

Once he was done, he tossed the bow to the waiter, “It’s not. It’s not difficult.”

Mo Huan, “…”

Xu Pingting, “…”

Everyone else, “…”

Just then, Gong Yi walked over, “Since all of you went for it, my hands are now itchy too.”

Qi Yusen + Jun Yexuan, “…”

Everyone else, “…”

Gong Yi then took over the bow and arrows from the waiter.

He shot five times and once again got a perfect score!

Once done, he gave the bow back to the dumbfounded waiter, “Though I can’t say it’s easy, I can do it too.”

Mo Huan, “…”

Xu Pingting, “…”

Those two had been slapped so hard they couldn’t even speak.

The MC took some time to organize her thoughts, “So all the young masters here are amazing shooters! Is there someone else who would like to participate in this challenge?”

She tried to get over this thing.

After she spoke, Mo Huan helped the crestfallen Xu Pingting back into her seat.

Jun Yexuan and the other boys returned as well.

The MC asked again but received no answer.

Everyone exchanged glances. After those three made a big deal of how easy this challenge was, who dared to go up there now.

Since nobody responded, the MC announced, “Then this concludes our competitive first event. Please look over to our employee on the side to see the prize for today’s winner.”

Just then, an employee appeared from the side and opened the box in her hand. Inside it contained a bead.

This bead, however, brightened the fox’s eyes!

The MC continued, “This bead is provided by our sponsor. We haven’t yet learned what material this bead is made out of. However, the claim is that this bead is great for health. We will be awarding this to the winner of the shooting competition. Ehm…”

The MC then paused as she remembered something, “We have three people who scored a perfect score. This means they are all deserving winners. So, who should we award this to?”

Everyone at the scene exchanged glances again. She was right. A few people scored perfectly so it won’t be easy to pick one winner.

Just then, the fox stomped its feet and got out of Mu Jinghang’s embrace.

Mu Jinghang grabbed onto it, “What’s wrong with you? Need to pee?”

The fox slapped its paw on his face.

Only someone like you would need to pee!

Mu Jinghang was a little startled by this slap.

During the time he blanked out, the fox had left his arms and came to Qiao Qing. It placed one paw on her arm while it pointed its other paw at the stage.

“Ack, ack, ack!”

I want that bead!

Qiao Qing froze, “What do you want that for?”

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