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popurbain > The Mech Touch > Chapter 2968: Manpower and Organization Concerns
Chapter 2968: Manpower and Organization Concerns

Every capital ship possessed a unique charm. This charm profoundly affected the way that people lived their lives aboard a given vessel.

The Dragon's Den was a vessel designed to conduct research on the go. She possessed all of the facilities of a traditional ground-based research center, but made certain adaptations to make researchers feel more at ease.

During his tour through the upper decks of his new research ship, Ves encountered plenty of false windows that displayed views of lush, untamed planets. He passed through relaxation and socialization areas which were filled with greenery and possessed high ceilings which depicted a very realistic illusion of an open sky, complete with wind blowing in people's faces.

"Researchers are humans as well. No one except the spaceborn can endure living months and years on end while staying confined in metal or metal-like boxes all the time." Dr. Ranya explained as they observed dozens of off-duty researchers and other personnel relaxing in the garden area. "These Lifers possess a great appreciation of nature and natural environments. The Dragon's Den devotes quite a lot of internal space to compartments like these because the Lifers who built this ship are aware that regulating mood and stress are vital to keeping scientists healthy and productive."

The Life Research Association developed a highly enthusiastic and competitive culture towards biotech research. This produced good results as many scientists worked hard and did not shy away from innovating. Yet it also led to a lot of burnout and extreme behavior that could fell even the most promising academics.

As scientists, these Lifers were aware of the dangers and performed extensive studies on how to mitigate these negative consequences. The various design elements of the Dragon's Den reflected the measures that the Lifers had developed to stave off burnout.

"Not every problem can be solved by allowing our scientists to enjoy a break." Ves remarked. "One of the shortcomings I've noticed about them during my time on Prosperous Hill VI is that they are too isolated. They don't interact with people of a lower station than theirs. Certainly, they are proud elites who have the potential to become the ruling class of the LRA, but they spend so much time looking up that they don't even know that the ground beneath them has grown rotten. This is one of the many reasons why the Supreme Revolution resulted in so much chaos."

As the herder of all of these scientists, Dr. Ranya took his warning quite seriously. "I did notice that these Lifer scientists tend to behave more snobbish around lower-ranked clansmen. It appears the hierarchy they are accustomed to is a lot more vertical than ours. I'll try my best to pull them out of their ivory towers and mix them up with other Larkinsons on a more frequent basis. They'll probably get annoyed whenever they are forced to spend time

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