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popurbain > Inhuman Warlock > Chapter 372 - 372: Caught
"As I said, I'll take care of the creature in front of you. And I'll also take care of the creature behind you," Lucifer said as winds moved back.

Everyone's hair flew with the wind, which brushed against their skin.


A screeching sound filled the entire hall. Everyone turned back to find that strange creature standing behind them. It was the one that was screeching in pain.

It was all because Lucifer sliced the spikes that were reaching out towards his team members. In fact, one of the spikes was just a few inches behind Uzuki and Cassius when Lucifer sliced them all.

"To hurt my team, you'll need my permission first," Lucifer said as he flew towards the ugly beast behind them.

Tens of spikes came out of that creature to impale Lucifer, who was flying towards him.

None of these spikes reached him though. His wind blades kept slicing all the spikes that were coming towards him, making that creature scream in pain as it started climbing the wall to run.

"Not going to happen," Lucifer declared,using his lightning to kill the beast. His wind blades were useful in cutting the spikes, but they weren't able to harm the skin of this creature which was as hard as metal.

Unfortunately, even with that skin, he couldn't escape lightning. The pitch black lightning bolt closed in on the creature, ready to impale him.

Before the lightning bolt could hit that creature, a golden energy barrier appeared in front of him to protect this creature.

Unfortunately for this creature, even the barrier couldn't resist the lightning. The barrier shattered like a glass window, breaking into pieces.

It couldn't provide any protection at all. The lightning bolt passed through the forehead of the strange creature, leaving a big hole in his head. The creature dropped to the ground.

"Why aren't you all attacking?" Lucifer asked everyone, realizing that they were still standing there without even looking back.

"Ah, you should look back," Uzuki softly said.

Lucifer turned around, wondering what they were talking about. He soon realized it though.

Now he understood why everyone was asking for him to turn back.

He was able to see the entire Hunter Union Squad facing them. Now that their faces were in their direction, he could see more clearly.

These people... Didn't look human.

And a strange parasite-like insect was growing out of their chest where that strange creature's spike had impaled them.

Moreover, the eyes of these men were pitch black. The ugly Parasite-like insects were wriggling around their chest.

"No matter what happens, don't let those spikes hit you! You understand? I think those have some strange effect of making you lose your senses while leaving the controlling parasites inside your body!" Lucifer warned everyone.

" Don't make the mistake of underestimating them like the Hunter Union did if you don't want to end up looking like that!" he added.

"Alicia! It's your r

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