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When Ye Chen said that, all the women's eyes were only on Ye Chen, they were quite astonished by what Ye Chen said, they didn't expect that Ye Chen could know this matter in such detail.

All the women who were in this place had never told anyone about this matter, they all kept it under wraps, so there was no way anyone would know about the problems they had.

However this time they all listened to Ye Chen say this, this was something that the common sense of all the women in this place couldn't accept.

All the women looked at Ye Chen with stupid expressions, confused dumbfounded and in disbelief.

"How did you know about this?" All the women immediately asked Ye Chen, they couldn't believe Ye Chen could find their illness so easily.

"I told you that I have a way to help you solve this problem, if you want to leave then go ahead" Ye Chen said confidently.

After seeing the enthusiasm shown by these women, Ye Chen became very confident, these women would definitely not dare to leave this place.

All the women naturally didn't want to go, they had just found a cure for the illness they had, so they had to stay and tell Ye Chen to treat them all.

The most arrogant woman was dumbfounded when she saw the women in her group swarming Ye Chen like a bee that had found the most beautiful flower in this world.

"this man" The most arrogant woman began to reckon with Ye Chen, this man does have a bit of ability.

Ye Chen smiled at the woman who previously rejected him, now that she was alone, all her friends had ignored her.

"Then come with me" Ye Chen invited all the women around him to go to his room.

All the women nodded, they all went with Ye Chen, they were like a flock of ducks being herded by Ye Chen, after this they might come out with memories that are hard to erase from their memories.

Ye Chen chose one of the women in this place, he brought this woman inside.

" Come in . ." The woman that Ye Chen took was the tall woman Ye Chen spoke to for the first time, this woman deserved to be the first to receive her services.

the tall woman nodded, she followed Ye Chen into the room.

Ye Chen and the tall woman quickly entered the room, they both left the woman outside.

Ye Chen had already given an explanation for the women to wait outside, they had to stand in line if they wanted to be healed by Ye Chen.

A tall woman walked into Ye Chen's room, when she entered she saw that Ye Chen's room looked very beautiful, there were some things that she had never seen in this life.

"You can transfer points in front, I'm afraid you won't wake up later." Ye Chen told this woman that she could transfer points up front.

"Uh, why is that?" the tall woman asked Ye Chen, she wanted to know why Ye Chen said that.

"You'll find out later." Ye Chen said that the tall woman would know the reason when this was all over.

"Okay, I'll do it" the tall woman immediately took out her disciple token, she

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