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popurbain > I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot > Chapter 1837 - Don’t Believe in Rumors, Don’t Spread Rumors
Chapter 1837: Don’t Believe in Rumors, Don’t Spread Rumors

She understood herself.

But would the netizens understand her?

Netizens understood her through various news.

And the trending topics that she had been on before were mostly negative.

Under such circumstances, the netizens would definitely be more willing to believe the news.

However, regardless of whether the netizens believed her or not, Qiao Mianmian had to explain.

And not just leave it alone.

If she did not respond, people would think that she was guilty.

Just as Qiao Mianmian was thinking about how to respond, another piece of news popped up.

The content of the news was: Zhan Bo posted a Weibo post scolding the reporters for creating rumors.

Qiao Mianmian was stunned and quickly clicked on it.

She saw that Zhan Bo had just posted a Weibo related to her trending topic.

Zhan Bo: “I really can’t stand it anymore. I want to know why some people have such bad intentions towards girls. The incident at the airport was a normal accident. Please don’t let your imagination run wild. This will only make you seem dirty-minded. How can you know something that even I, the party concerned, didn’t feel? Even if I’ve only been with Qiao Mianmian for a day, she’s definitely a very good girl. I hope that the rumors will end here. I also hope that my fans can be more rational and smart and not say such nonsense lightly. And don’t use my fans to do things that hurt my friends.”

As everyone knew, Zhan Bo was known for his good temper and for not putting on airs.

This was the first time he had publicly lost his temper on Weibo.

Although he did not curse out loud, one could tell from his words that he was furious.

Seeing how angry he was, his fans started comforting him in the comments section.

“Brother, don’t be angry. Let’s help you scold those unscrupulous media companies.”

“Little brother finally came out to clarify. I knew that those reporters must have written nonsense. What nonsense is this? It looks fake. I didn’t believe it.”

“Don’t believe rumors, don’t spread rumors. Brother already said that he and Qiao Mianmian are friends, so the fans shouldn’t scold her anymore. Brother is recording a show with her now, and they see each other every day. Can everyone not embarrass Brother?”

“Believe what Little Brother says. Although we don’t know much about Qiao Mianmian, if Brother says she’s good, then she’s definitely good. We fans have to be obedient and listen to Brother. Don’t make things difficult for Brother and his friends.”

“Brother, we will be obedient.”

Qiao Mianmian was a little surprised when she saw Zhan Bo’s post.

She had never thought that he would directly post on Weibo to reprimand the media reporters and speak up for her.

After all, they had only spent a day together.

They weren’t close enough for Zhan Bo to help her like this.

Not long after Zhan Bo’s post, another piece of news

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