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Chapter 1188: Dark Gold Reward

Abel looked at the Razortail on his hand and admired the wealth a Dark Gold boss in the Chaos Sanctuary had.

For some reason, he rarely got any rewards from other hell creatures in the Dark World.

Most of it was damaged by the passage of time, whether they were white, blue, or gold.

They might look new on the hell creatures, but once their possessor was dead and their energy of hell faded, it would return to the useless object it was.

The only ones remaining were Dark Gold gears. Each one was totally unique. They were the Holy object of the Dark World.

Although the armor on that dead Dark Gold Lord of Terror was also Dark Gold, Abel knew it was useless looking at how badly it was damaged.

This was why Abel dedicated his time to making rune words gear. Despite how powerful and unique Dark Gold gears were, no one could possibly know where most of them would end up after so many years.

The most powerful ability of the Razortail was the piercing attack.

With an added piercing attack, Razortail was ideal for characters that specialized in ranged weapons. Razortail’s pierce bonus stacks with bonuses inherent to weapons.

It was too bad it was most effective on long spears, which were rare in the Central Continent.

Abel directly handed the Razortail to his Angel body. The 150% defense was still very useful to his safety.

What he lacked was a powerful bow. If not, attacks like that wouldn’t do anything to hell creatures.

He retrieved his angel body and walked towards the other summon circle near the window of the Chaos Sanctuary.

He reached his power of the will forward, and the terrains were clear to him. The lava lake had divided the area, and there was a passage aside.

He never underestimated hell creatures, so he would always try to keep his distance.

Time was not a factor because each second counted into his training.

Soon, he saw a few spooky-looking storm casters flying towards him from the other side. Their attacks were not powerful, but they would be done once you got close to them.

Knight Wale charged forward. He unleashed a revenge combo strike, and those storm casters were dead in no time.

Abel’s side of the lava lake had no more hell creatures, so he made his way forward.

In a hundred meters, there were more oblivion knights and Lord of Terror waiting for him. Although there were some doom knights as well, both Lord of Terror and oblivion knights were close-ranged hell creatures. They would be completely exposed to Abel and Frankenstein’s spells as soon as they charged forward.

Utilizing the terrains in a fight was thrilling. They screamed in agony as soon as they crossed the lava lake.

Since Abel was quite close to the passage, those stupid hell creatures had no choice but to face him directly.

Abel and Frankenstein didn’t need to worry about mana in the Dark World. Not only was their recover

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