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“What’s the commotion? Someone go check it out,” Song Jong-Chul ordered with a frown, and one of his subordinates disappeared into the darkness.

“What’s so difficult about holding off those explorers?”

“The explorers haven’t been very obedient recently because of the abandoned labyrinth. We even put up an official notice in the Association’s name to deter them from entering the underground world, but they’ve managed to create this mess nonetheless…”

“Hmph, everyone’s blinded by greed.” Song Jong-Chul smirked shamelessly despite having stepped into the underground world with similar intentions.

However, the people around him were his loyal dogs who each held an important position in the Association. None of them thus dared to point out this glaring irony.

“By the way, how do you do this?”

Both the altar and the stone table failed to respond even when Song Jong-Chul and his team looked around and touched things here and there. They were now in the master room, also known as the heart of the labyrinth. However, the master room in its inactive state was nothing but an empty stone chamber.

“Try touching something. Are you gonna stay here the whole day?”

Upon Song Jong-Chul’s command, the executives of the Association made a fuss, sweeping everything in their path including the stone table and walls.

Meanwhile, Kim Jin-Woo and Angela had managed to sneak into the labyrinth unnoticed. They then observed the deplorable actions of Song Jong-Chul and his teammates.

Angela said disdainfully via telepathy,

Kim Jin-Woo nodded. The person chosen by the labyrinth would be forced to become its master, even against their will. This had been the case for both Kim Jin-Woo and Yoon-Hee. In other words, nobody here had been chosen by the labyrinth.

“Argh, can’t believe a labyrinth, out of all things, is discriminating against us,” Song Jong-Chul exclaimed, unable to keep his frustration under control.

Angela asked,

Kim Jin-Woo replied.

Since neither Kim Jin-Woo nor Angela had been chosen by the labyrinth, they too had to search for ways around this dilemma like Song Jong-Chul and his gang.

“There are creatures attacking outside!” an explorer from the Association reported at that moment, after returning from investigating the situation outside the labyrinth.

“Huh? Creatures? We have so many lads there; why would there be an attack?!”

“They’re camouflaged, apparently. it’s complete chaos outside.”

Angela sneered at Song Jong-Chul and his team, seemingly amused by the fuss they were making.

“So did they find the creatures?”

“Not yet. We’ve assigned those who are good at detecting camouflaged creatures to investigate every corner, but there hasn’t been any progress so far.”

“What kind of sloppy job is this? This is only the fourth floor, yet that large group can’t even find some hidden creatures?”

“As for that… The explorers are making a scene, so it isn’t easy…” The explorerc

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